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Blackjack Casino Rules: Basics of the 21

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When it comes to table games, no bettor would surely leave out Blackjack from the discussion. It's one of the most iconic table game even today and in fact, it stands side by side with Poker and any other popular games in the top league of the waging industry. More often known as 21, the game of Blackjack has become the favorite of many players with the unique way of playing against the dealer instead of other players like Pokies. It's a game that's packed with one of the highest potential when it comes to raking in money or profit. You may already be enticed to try it out but, despite being simple and easy to play, it would still pay off for you to understand the Blackjack Casino Rules first, along with basic Blackjack betting strategy that could help you win the game.

Why is Blackjack Popular?

The game being simple and thrilling to play is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why players love it. The core reason why others prefer playing Blackjack over other games, is due to the fact that it has high betting odds in favor of the player. The House edge in this game is lesser than in other games which means that a player with high strategy can end up winning over and over again. In fact, those with card-counting skills are basically gods in the game but of course, some establishments often do not allow this kind of play style. Some even invokes different kind of plays like using multiple decks, in order to prevent players from utilizing card-counting skills.

Blackjack Casino Rules and Basics

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The prime goal in playing the game is beating the dealer of the house by having a hand that's close to 21 without going over that amount. The number cards come with their pip value while on the other hand, all face cards come with 10 as their amount. Aces can either be 11 or 1 and this is something that a player can decide himself.

The cards involved in the game is a standard 52-deck card but more often than not, houses provide games that makes use of 6 decks of cards or even more. This is to make the game more random to prevent card counters and at the same time, it also makes it more thrilling than usual.

Dealing of Cards

The game is started by the shuffling of the cards and once the game has been prepared, the placing of bets come after. The players would place their bets and afterwards, receives their cards in face-up position. The classic option is for the players to have a face down card which they will hold up themselves but nowadays, more have adapted the way of placing face up cards instead. On the other hand, the dealer would only have one face up card and another card that's faced down.

The goal of the game is to have a card higher than the dealer and closer to 21 as possible. If a player is lucky enough, they could have a 21 right off the bat and having this kind of combination would mean that he has a natural or a blackjack. If the other party or the dealer do not have a natural as well, this would mean that the player won and would get a 1 and ½ payout of the amount he has bet before. On the other hand, if no player has a natural and the dealer luckily has it, then all the moneys or bets would be collected by the dealer.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

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Betting against a dealer and to win basically brings you a better house edge than other games. It is however, essential for you to learn some strategies and lingos that relate to the game before you actually play it. This way, you can ensure that you'll be making the right calls.

The most important part when learning strategy for playing Blackjack, is to learn when to make a stand, when to hit, double, split or surrender. This has different implications to your gameplay but, being able to properly make use of them would bring you more chances of winning.