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Online Blackjack Casino: Terms and Conditions


Are you excited to play the world-renowned table game, Blackjack? Please make sure that you read the terms provided in this page, before you proceed to play the game of online blackjack in our website.

Terms To Follow

It is critical to keep in mind that the games, along with other contents that can be found in this site, are all properties owned by the brand itself. This means that when using the site, make sure that these contents are used only for their intended purposes and not for other reasons. While using the site, it is also vital that you abide by common codes of conducts and ethics, to ensure that the environment within or outside the site, remains healthy for online users.

Liability Limitation

Reading the contents of our site and applying them, and playing online blackjack and other games here, should always be at your own risk. This means that losses or any forms of damages incurred while utilizing our contents, would not make the brand liable.